What makes my services unique?

My many years of experience in both higher education and accreditation has given me the expertise to be able to guide others to success.  My consulting style is both collaborative and sustaining.  I prefer to establish a relationship with clients and continue building their success even after the official “consulting contract” is complete.  Won’t you invite me to be part of your team?  Together we can help you to become successful.


I have more than 20 years of experience with accreditation with a focus on specialized and programmatic accreditation. I am experienced with numerous accrediting bodies including: CAATE, CAPTE, CASCE, LCME, and others but have the most experience with the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) as I was a former Commissioner and Executive Director with that association. 

Some of my services include:

  • Curricular Planning
  • Preparation of Self-Study
  • Self-Study Review
  • “Mock” site visits
  • Preparation of Rejoinder or Program response

Program personnel wishing to use my services can choose from a “complete” package including all the above or can individually select my services. I have assisted dozens of programs with their initial or continuing accreditation, all of which have been successful.   

I have also completed program reviews for state higher education boards and other regulating agencies as well as regional and national accrediting bodies.  

Strategic Planning

Need someone to facilitate your strategic planning process for your department, program or organization? Strategic Planning needs to be a collaborative process and leaders of units should be “participants” in that process, and not be the facilitator. Using an outside facilitator allows everyone in the organization to have an equal voice in developing the mission, vision, and values of the organization. My process involves working with the leaders of the organization to develop the agenda and goals of the workshop.  We start by doing a SWOT analysis of the unit and then develop a mission, vision, values and goals. Once the goals are identified, we develop measurable outcomes and a timeline as well as who in the organization is the “lead” on the various outcomes. Whether it is development of an educational framework, or a more traditional business strategic plan, I can work with the organization to realize its potential.

Curricular Development

Creating a curriculum should be purposeful, with courses specifically designed to develop the students’ knowledge, skills, abilities, and critical thinking skills as well as emphasize the strengths of the program, university, diversity or geographical area. In athletic training education, it is imperative that the curriculum contain elements compliant with the CAATE Standards. If you are starting a new program, or redesigning a current program, I can help you develop a creative, compliant, curricular plan that will produce competent clinicians with great clinical decision making and leadership skills, the ability to practice inter-professionally and puts the patient first. I have personally developed/ lead the development of a least a dozen athletic training curricular at the graduate level. I’d love to help you make the most of your program through a creative curricular approach. My curricular development services are best when combined with other services but can be completed alone.  


Not sure where to start with program and student assessment?  Outcomes should be specific and well-defined and should align with the program’s curriculum. What do students know and what skills are they proficient in when they have completed your program? How successful are they in entry-level credentialing examinations and employment? I can assist with developing Programmatic and Student Learning Outcomes including:

  • quality of instruction,
  • quality of clinical or field experiences
  • quality of program
  • retention and graduation rate
  • employment rate
  • success on entry-level credentialing examinations
  • Student knowledge, comprehension, application and analysis of curricular content
  • Student ability to synthesize and evaluate their skills and knowledge

Once the outcomes and measurable objectives are developed, I can assist the program in measuring those outcomes and “closing the loop” to determine whether the program is meeting is stated mission and goals.